KU CMS Guide


The University of Kansas uses a content management system (CMS) to ensure a consistent user experience, rich content and easy access to the information KU site visitors are seeking.

The KU Brand CMS brings a fresh look to existing KU CMS sites and adds two new home page options that feature a full-width "hero" photo. Updating to the brand is easy for a site administrator. Once you have completed the KU 2017 Brand request form, a web developer will make the Brand Preview button available. The Brand Preview button will then appear in the black tool bar, and you will be able to toggle the new look on (and off) to preview how your site will appear. Once you are ready to commit, you can apply the KU Brand using the Brand panel under Configuration. This will allow you to bring your site into alignment with KU's branding without extensive modifications or work


Implementing the KU Brand is simple. Here's how:

  1. Submit the KU 2017 Brand request form
  2. Toggle on the Brand Preview
  3. Preview the pages of your site and make any needed adjustments
  4. Switch to the new brand
  5. Optionally, create a new home page using the new KU - homepage including full-width image content type

Here is an Overview of the KU Homepage, Brand Update Instructions and KU Homepage Instructions.

CMS Help

If you are experiencing a critical issue with your live website, please contact the IT Customer Service Center at 864-8080 or itcsc@ku.edu.

For questions on CMS policy, look & feel, and all other issues, please visit our help page.

Please contact web services at 864-6415 or webservices@ku.edu for help with your site

Online help can be found under the How-To's section of this website.

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