CTA Sections Overview

The KU CMS - Sunflower pages are built using Sections. Think of a section like a layer of a cake.  The layers or sections stack on top of each other to build the page.

CTA Sections

  • CTA 1 - 1 Button
    • This section is full-width and features a headline, sub-headline, short text, and single button. It has two background options.
  • CTA 2 - 1 to 3 Buttons 
    • This section is full-width and includes a headline, short text and one to three buttons. Choose from several background color options. Buttons are available for all color options. A link is available on the Steam Lightest background option only.
  • CTA 3 - 1 to 3 Card Carousel
    • This section is a full-width card carousel featuring one to three cards with headline, short text and a link icon. Choose from two background options.
  • CTA 4 - Overlay Image w/Button
    • This section is a full-width photo with a color overlay. It includes a headline and a button with optional short text. Choose from three color overlay options.
  • CTA 5 - 1 to 2 Buttons w/Link List
    • This section is full-width with a headline, short text, one or two buttons, and a list of links. Select between lake or night background colors.
  • CTA 6 - Social Media
    • This section is full-width with a headline and links to your social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Choose from three background options.