Webforms are an easy way to collect data and conduct surveys. KU uses the third-party service Qualtrics to integrate webforms into KU CMS websites.

IMPORTANT: Webforms collecting data on behalf of KU must use KU Qualtrics, KU qForms, or other approved solution -or- have received an official exception from KU IT Security Office.

Use of Qualtrics Online Surveys via KU licenses is limited to University of Kansas faculty, staff and students for academic and research use only. See KU IT: Qualtrics for information, including guidelines for use.

Accessing Qualtrics

To access Qualtrics, got to KU Qualtrics and log in with your KU Online ID and password.

Webforms Are Using an Approved Form Service

  • Webforms collecting data on behalf of KU must use KU Qualtrics, KU qForms, or other approved solution -or- have received an official exception from KU IT Security Office.

Webforms Collecting Critical Data

  • Webforms collecting "Critical" data per KU policy have been approved by the KU IT Security Office

Please note that Qualtrics webforms cannot be used to collect data classified as "Critical" per KU Data Governance: Data Classifications. For common examples, see the list of commonly inquired about "Critical" data types that cannot be collected via Qualtrics below.

Please contact KU web services if you need to collect Critical data per the KU Data Governance: Data Classifications.

Commonly Inquired About Critical Data Types That Cannot Be Collected Via Qualtrics:
The following is not a comprehensive list, but a small set of examples of data classified as “Critical” commonly requested for data collection. Contact KU web services to inquire about the collection of any data classified as Critical per KU Data Governance: Data Classifications.

  • Social security number (SSN)
  • Grades, grade point average, exams, rosters, financial aid and scholarships info (FERPA-protected)
  • Unofficial transcripts (FERPA-protected)
  • Health information (HIPAA-protected)
  • Credit card/E-commerce data (PCI)
  • Driver’s license number, national ID number, passport/visa numbers (PII)
  • Financial/tax information


Because Qualtrics forms are created by individuals on their own KU Qualtrics accounts, it is important when you create a new form that you add at least one Qualtrics “collaborator.” In Qualtrics collaborators are others who can make changes and view data. By adding collaborators, you give KU colleagues the ability to work with the form and its data, and you ensure that should you leave the university that form and its data remain accessible and in the control of other responsible parties. We recommend adding at least one collaborator immediately after creating and saving the form for the first time.

Request Qualtrics Project Ownership Transfer

The individual who created the form is the only one who can add collaborators. In some cases, ownership of an existing Qualtrics project (i.e., form, survey) may need to be transferred from the original owner to another KU employee. To request a Qualtrics survey ownership transfer, complete the KU Qualtrics Support Request Form.

Qualtrics User Groups

In some instances, it is sufficient to add several collaborators to each form. However, it is also possible to create a Qualtrics User Group that can be added as a collaborator. If your team/department has a lot of forms that need to be accessible to the same set of individuals, you can request a Qualtrics User Group be created. Once a Qualtrics User Group is established, you can simply make the group a collaborator rather than adding individual collaborators.

Request a Qualtrics User Group

Qualtrics User Groups must be updated by request. They cannot be managed via groups.ku.edu. To request the creation of a Qualtrics User Group, complete the KU Qualtrics Support Request Form.

Adding Collaborators

  1. Log in to Qualtrics at survey.ku.edu
  2. From the All Projects page, locate your form and select the horizontal ellipsis on the far-right column below the gear column header.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select Collaborate
  4. Type the name of individuals or a Qualtrics User Group into the search field
  5. Select that individual or Qualtrics User Group from the dropdown menu
  6. Select Add
  7. Complete the Collaborate with email notification form to notify the collaborator(s)
  8. Select the appropriate permissions from the available columns
  9. Save

How To's

Before adding the embed code for your form to your site, you will need to first create a Qualtrics form.

Create a Qualtrics Form

  1. Log in to survey.ku.edu
  2. On the All Projects page, select Create new project in the upper right
  3. Select Create your own > Survey or select from Qualtrics templates
  4. Save
  5. Add Collaborators, so the form can be accessed by someone other than yourself (see "Collaborators" above)

Embed a Qualtrics Form on a Page

  1. After your form is created and finalized, log in to Qualtrics at https://survey.ku.edu.
  2. Select Distributions> Anonymous Link. Copy the link.
  3. Return to the page on your site where you want to embed the form, in the Body section  select Add Body Section, then select Body 8 – Qualtrics Form Embed.
  4. Under “Qualtrics Form URL” paste the link from step 2.
  5. Select the Style Options tab and select the height of the form that you’d like. (“Medium” is the recommended size, but if your form is long, you might need a larger selection.)

Guidelines and Best Practices

  • Use of Qualtrics Online Surveys via KU licenses is limited to University of Kansas faculty, staff and students for academic and research use only.
  • Users must follow all Guidelines for Use. See KU Information Technology's Qualtrics for information, including guidelines for use.


  • All webforms hosted on KU CMS sites must be accessible.
  • At this time, only Qualtrics forms can be embedded on your KU CMS Sunflower site. Qualtrics forms have basic accessibility built in.
  • In addition to the built-in accessibility features of Qualtrics forms, we encourage you to use the Qualtrics Accessibility Checker. See Check Survey Accessibility to learn about Qualtrics’ Check Survey Accessibility feature.

E-Commerce Forms

Qualtrics cannot be used for forms that collect money. See KU E-Commerce for detailed information about collecting money via e-commerce webforms at KU.

Other Supported Forms

When possible, Qualtrics is the preferred form system. However, there are two additional KU-supported form systems currently approved for use: 1) Microsoft Forms, and 2) KU qForms.

Microsoft Forms

  • Microsoft Forms can only be used to collect KU data if they are on the KU tenet, meaning that the form and data were created from a KU Team SharePoint site or from a KU OneDrive account.
  • Microsoft Forms created outside the KU tenet cannot be used to collect KU data.
  • We strongly recommend not creating Microsoft Forms on a personal OneDrive account to avoid complications should that employee go on extended leave or leave the university.
  • Especially if you intend to embed a webform on your KU CMS website, we strongly encourage use of Qualtrics over Microsoft Forms.
    • The KU Sunflower system has been designed to integrate Qualtrics forms, including custom styling for Qualtrics forms so they fit in the KU Sunflower design system.
    • Although Microsoft Forms can be embedded, they will require custom development work to appear integrated on your KU Sunflower site.

KU qForms