Social Media

Social media is an important component of the online presence of KU units and departments. KU CMS – Sunflower offers several methods to display your social media accounts:

Embedded Widgets Are Not Allowed in KU CMS – Sunflower

Embedded third-party social media widgets that bring in recent posts are not allowed in KU CMS – Sunflower for the following reasons:

  • Third-party widgets can create accessibility issues, including trapping users who cannot use a mouse within the widget.
  • Third-party widgets are not consistent with the KU Limestone design system and often have display issues.
  • Third-party widgets are inconsistent in performance and display.
  • Infrequent and/or inconsistent posting to social media accounts gives the appearance that of a website that is out-of-date and unreliable.
  • Users do not come to your website expecting to interact with your social media accounts. Keep your websites streamlined and free of content that may distract users or clutter your site.
  • Your website and social media accounts should support each other with excellent and relevant content, but exist in their own separate spaces.
  • Putting some of your social media content on your website may discourage some users from ever landing on your social media account where they can choose to follow you – which may cause you to lose potential follows.