Site Maintenance

Site Maintenance


In addition to day-to-day maintenance, all KU CMS sites should have a written Site Maintenance Plan that includes at minimum two site-wide reviews per year that address out of date content, broken links, and new opportunities to improve the user experience.

We strongly recommend scheduling your site-wide reviews and assigning specific responsibilities to team members well in advance via a supported calendaring solution.

Site Maintenance Plan

Your site maintenance plan should answer:

  • Who will conduct your site-wide reviews?
  • What will each person be responsible for?
  • Specific dates/date-ranges for scheduled site-wide reviews
  • How will track and document your work?

Your site maintenance reviews should address – at minimum - the following across the entire site:

  • Out of Date Content
    • All content should be reviewed for accuracy
    • Review all images and content for freshness
      • In most cases, content that is more than two-years old should be removed from your site.
    • Review all profiles for individuals who have left the university

  • Broken Links
    • All links are working properly
    • Content at the link destination is still accurate and valuable

  • Opportunities to Improve the User Experience
    • The site is working well for users:
      • Use Google Analytics data to see that your most important pages are performing well
    • All site content is adding value:
      • Use Google Analytics data to review your poorest performing pages and consider what changes need to be made, including if that content should remain on your site.

Scheduling Site Reviews

We recommend using a formal scheduling process, like a shared calendar, to manage your site-wide reviews. KU supports calendaring tools via Microsoft Outlook, Teams and SharePoint. See How To KU or contact your Workstation Support Staff for information about supported calendaring solutions.