About Template

About Template


The About template is a starting place or blueprint for building an About page for your site.

The About template is populated with placeholder images and text that you will need to replace with actual content. It is easy to use.

The About template is populated with all the possible body sections recommended for an About page.

Sections you don't wish to use can be deleted. The sections can also be reordered and duplicated.

Available About Sections

How To Use the Template

  1. Go to Content/Add from Template in the admin menu
  2. Select the About template
  3. Select the View tab to see the placeholder view of the template
  4. Determine if you want to remove, duplicate or reorder any of the sections
  • NOTE: Each page can only use one header section
  1. Select the Clone link to return to cloning the page
  2. Replace the Title of the clone
  3. In the Page Header section and in the Body select Edit if you wish use the default content
  4. If you wish to use another header remove the header and add another option
  • TIP: To edit all the sections at once select the Edit all button
  1. Replace the placeholder text and placeholder images with the actual content
  2. To reorder sections, select the icon to the left of the section and drag to reorder
  3. To duplicate a section, select the vertical ellipsis to the right of the Edit button and select Duplicate to create a copy
  4. If would like to remove a section select the vertical ellipsis to the right of the Edit button and select Remove
  5. If you removed the header select the Add Header Section button
  6. Select another available header and select Add
  7. To add an additional body section, select the Add Body Section button
  8. Choose from the available body sections and select Add
  9. Select either Save as Draft or Published with the drop-down menu
  10. Select Save at the bottom left of the form

NOTE: Instructions for specific sections are found in the documentation in Sections or select the section names above.