Site Migration Plan Checklist

Please read the full nine-step Site Migration Plan before using this checklist. This is intended to be a quick-reference companion piece not a standalone resource. This checklist references details and contextual information found in the nine-steps of the Site Migration Plan. If used independently, you will be missing necessary contextual information.

Step One: Your Team, Expectations and Timelines

Step Two: Purpose and Audience Analysis

Step Three: Google Analytics + Site Metrics

Step Four: Mapping Your Site

Step Five: Learn CMS Sunflower and Planning Your Pages

Step Six: Site Content Analysis and Revision

Step Seven: Content Review and Approval

Step Eight: Building Your New Site in Drupal 8

  • For general assistance and site migration, contact KU Web Services at
  • For assistance with web writing, site organization, section selection and user experience, contact our User Interface/User Experience Team at

Step Nine: Site Reviews, Approval and Launch