Specified Non-Descriptive Link Titles Allowed on Select Sections

Descriptive link titles are essential for accessibility and will continue to be required on all KU Sunflower sites.

To provide increased flexibility, a feature has been added that makes it possible to use a specified list of approved non-descriptive link titles on select KU Sunflower sections.

Please note – The best link titles are always descriptive link titles.

  • If your live KU Sunflower site is using descriptive link titles with any of the select sections below, your descriptive link titles are optimal and there is no need to go back and change them.
  • This new feature simply gives you additional options. It is up to you to determine which strategy best meets your specific needs.

Select Sections:

The following eight KU Sunflower sections can be used with the specified list of approved non-descriptive link titles below:

  1. Body 4 - Card Group
  2. Images 2 - Image w/Text Box & Stripe
  3. Images 3 - Vertical Image & Text
  4. Images 7 - Images w/Text & Stripe
  5. List 2 - Item List w/Button
  6. List 7 - Thumbnail List
  7. CTA 1 - 1 Button
  8. CTA 4 - Overlay Image w/Button

Approved Non-Descriptive Link Titles for Select Sections:

You must use one of these approved non-descriptive link titles:

  1. Learn more
  2. Read more
  3. More Info/More Information
  4. Details
  5. Read article
  6. Visit website
  7. Project overview

Requirement When Linking to a Document:

As with all links, when linking to a document you must include the document file type in the link title. This is also a requirement when using the approved non-descriptive link titles specified above on approved sections. For example:

  1. Learn more (.pdf)
  2. Read more (.docx)
  3. More Info (.xlsx)
  4. Details (.ppt)
  5. Read article (.pdf)
  6. Project overview (.pdf)

Why Can I Use Them on These Sections and Not Others?

  • Only the specified list of sections have the necessary combination of data fields and design structure that make this new feature possible.
  • We are using an accessibility-specific HTML code called an “aria-labelledby” that - in addition to the link title - gives screen reader users additional link information based on the corresponding headline.

Why Can I Only Use the Specified Non-Descriptive Link Titles?

  • The approved non-descriptive link titles have been tested and work in all known use cases.
  • Using a small set of defined options promotes consistency across all KU CMS sites.