Faculty Insight - Known Issues

Content Out of Sync


  • Faculty Insight and KU CMS Sunflower data do not match.
  • Data is different when you are logged out then when you are logged in.

Issue Details

  • Faculty Insight data is synced daily in the morning.
  • Changes made in Faculty Insight will not appear on KU CMS Sunflower sites until the next morning.
  • Additionally, KU CMS Sunflower caches Faculty Insight data for 24 hours. So, KU CMS Sunflower may show a cached version of Faculty Insights data even after the morning sync is complete.


  • Clearing the site cache will force a refresh of your KU CMS Sunflower site and use that morning’s Faculty Insight data.

How to Clear the Site Cache

  1. Select the Drupal icon (i.e., blue water drop icon) in the top-left of the 'Manage' menu then select Flush all caches

Incorrect Data Upon Initial Save


  • Incorrect data/content appears in various fields upon initial save.

Issue Details

  • Users have reported unexpected and/or incorrect content displayed in 'Publications' or other fields pulling in 'Faculty Insight' data after they initially save the page.


  • Typically editing the page and re-saving resolves this issue.

To Re-Save the Page

  • Select Edit
  • Then, select Save