New CMS Sites

The process for new CMS Sites:

  1. If you are new to the CMS attend CMS Basics, and if you are a site administrator also attend the CMS Admin & 2017 Brand Update training sessions. See the training calendar for date and time information.
  2. Request a new CMS account (website)
  3. If you want to use the 2012 KU Brand: Select a CMS header image for your site or create your own using the Photoshop template provided.
  4. If you want to use the 2017 KU Brand: Submit a request to have it enabled for your site.
  5. Build your site.
    1. Be sure to read the Best Practices section of this website
    2. See the Instructions page for step-by-step how-to information on a variety of subjects
    3. Use the Help Form if you need technical assistance
  6. When you are ready to publish your site, fill out the Request for CMS approval form.
    1. Be sure to submit your CMS approval form at least 30 days before you would like to launch the site.
    2. Your site will then be reviewed before it is approved to launch. The site review may consist of some required changes and some suggested changes to help improve the user experience of your site.
    3. After you have completed the required changes the reviewer will request your site be launched. It usually takes a couple of days for the site to become live.


Upcoming Workshops

Please register in advance by selecting the workshop you wish to register for on the Workshops Calendar.


CMS Help

If you are experiencing a critical issue with your live website, please contact the IT Customer Service Center at 864-8080 or

For questions on CMS policy, look & feel, and all other issues, please visit our help page.

Please contact web services at 864-6415 or for help with your site

Online help can be found under the How-To's section of this website.