Faculty PRO Integration

About the Integration of Faculty PRO & KU's CMS

Faculty Professional Record Online (PRO), a professional database for faculty to manage professional information on teaching, research and service, now integrates with KU’s Web content management system. Prior to the Faculty PRO-CMS integration, faculty member's professional information was manually entered into the CMS by the departmental Web editors. Now, when Faculty PRO is used with the CMS, selected content for tenured and tenure-track faculty is pulled dynamically from Faculty PRO, eliminating the need to have it be entered manually in the CMS.

Faculty Member enters information into Faculty PRO, which is then pushed to various websites every 12 hours

This has many advantages:

  1. Faculty members are in control of their information. Faculty members update their own information in one place—Faculty PRO. Their information is then updated in the enabled Web pages (with a 12-hour delay).
  2. The same content can easily be shared out through multiple websites making the pages more consistent.
  3. This opens the future possibility for a University-wide faculty directory.
  4. The database system and Web integration could pave the way for additional collaborative opportunities in the future, such as connecting instructors and researchers based on their special areas of research and teaching through keywords.
    Teaching Keywords

For more on Faculty PRO, see the Office of Institutional Research and Planning's website.

How to Enable Faculty Pro on Your Site

A site administrator for your website can easily enable Faculty Pro integration.  

  1. Sign in as a Site Administrator.
  2. Click "Configuration."
  3. Click "1. Site & Template Settings."
  4. At the bottom of this page, check "Enable Faculty Pro".
  5. Click "Save Configuration."

Enable Faculty Pro

Once you have this enabled, you will see the Faculty PRO option appear when editing or creating a Person Profile page.


How to Create a Profile Page using Faculty PRO Information

  1. Sign in to your website.
  2. Click to "Add content."
  3. Click "Person profile."
  4. Below the Title of the page, click the Faculty PRO accordion. You will see the following options.
    A view of the Faculty PRO fields within the Person Profile page on the CMS
  5. Look up the person by typing their last name in their last name. The system will automatically display a list of people based on the information you've entered. Select the correct faculty member or researcher.
    A view of the Faculty PRO fields within the Person Profile page on the CMS
  6. Under "Information to pull from Faculty Pro," select the individual fields you would like to populate with Faculty PRO information. Or, choose "Select All."
  7. Once you've selected the fields, scroll down and in the gray boxes you will see the information populated from Faculty PRO.
    A view of fields from Faculty PRO on a person profile page
  8. When finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Save."

As with all pages created in the CMS, the Contact Page will be placed into Draft status when saved. You can use the Workbench to change the status to “Published.”

How to Override Information from Faculty PRO

Once you've populated the person profile page with information from Faculty PRO, you can edit or change the information pulled from Faculty PRO within the CMS. It is important to note that changing the information within the CMS will not change the information within Faculty PRO.

  1. De-select the field that you pulled from Faculty PRO.
    A picture of the de-selected field
  2. Scroll down to the field and type over the information.
    A picture of the information typed over
  3. When finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Save."

As with all pages created in the CMS, the Contact Page will be placed into Draft status when saved. You can use the Workbench to change the status to “Published.”


Publications can be imported from Faculty PRO. This gives you the distinct advantage of pre-formatted publication styles, displaying all the publications the faculty member has selected for their website. Currently publications are available in APA style. Additional styles (MLA, Chicago, Chicago B, APA, CSE) will be launching in the coming months. Publication option

Publications example

Creative Works

Creative works can be imported from Faculty PRO. Creative works include anything flagged for webpage display in either Artistic Works or Exhibitions..
creative option

Creative example


Grants can be imported from Faculty PRO. Grants can be display with or without the dollar amount, depending on the setting you choose.
Grant option

Grant example

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